Reservation Policies

A reservation is not final until full payment is made. The Reservation Request Form that is filled out on this website is only a request and will be CANCELED if payment is not made within 24 hours.  PLEASE CALL 509-844-6681 if you do not get the confirmation email.

We do not give refunds when a reservation is canceled or if you leave earlier than you have your room reserved for.  UNLESS we able to re-rent the room and we only refund the portion of the reservation that the room was re-rented for.  

CLARIFICATION: If you make a reservation in advance and pay for the room then from that moment on I begin telling any and all of my potential customers that my room is not avail.  So, I am turning away customers.  If you call before your reservation and cancel, then I may not have the opportunity to re-rent my room because I have already turned away my potential customers.  If I happen to get a call and I rent out the room for one of the nights that it is yours then I will send you back what you paid for the room for that night.  This policy is NON-NEGOTIABLE.  

Check-In Time is 3:00PM

Check-Out Time is Noon

We may be able to offer early Check-In or Late Check-Out if available for a Fee.  Please request in advance.  No guarantees.